The Value of and Worth in Self-care

Self Care

Self-care can be a hard through our full and busy lives. We have work, stress, responsibilities, health necessities, and technology that take up hours of time with the swipe of a finger and more I am sure.

Struggling with self-care is not something that is unique to only you or any other individual! It is important to realize this fact. Many people struggle with self-care in the day to day, and I think that there are times for everyone that are harder than previous times. 

Learning about Yourself

Learning what types of self-care are good for you and your health – mental health and physical health – is an important step in any journey towards practicing self-care. Sometimes it may be something as simple as declining an invite and saying yes to your self-care and needs, although this may be harder than not.

Giving yourself room for not being perfect in the practices of self-care that you choose is also a form of self-care and I fully believe that that might be on of the biggest points of it all. Sometime you may need to say no to good things that you want to do, even within your self-care practices, to just go to bed early if that is what your body and health needs. I do not believe that making yourself do it all just because its on your list of to do’s is good or even proper self-care!

Self-care is such an important topic and practice, and through past 6 months with COVID-19 I feel that it has been, almost universally, even more important as we have had to walk through uncharted territory. 

My Personal Self-care

I know that at least for myself, self-care was dropped all through the quarantine and/or the stay at home orders. I almost felt like as I was home all the time and wasn’t traveling or even grocery shopping, going out to eat, or walking the blocks of my neighborhood that I was able to just be and continue on in my days. But, this couldn’t have been farther from the truth! 

For myself and I, self-care is simple. It’s the tiny things that creates peace in my day and a positive mental outlook, a positive attitude, and the space to breathe and be happy.

Each person’s self-care journey is different and each individual will find the things that are meant for them. 

Let’s take a look at 10 of my own goals for self-care practices!

1. Creating More Space for Showering 

Showering is a big part of my routine, makes me feel better and is almost a regroup time. When I don’t designate time and space for it, it becomes rushed and a somewhat negative experience, that really impacts my day. Giving myself the chance to just stand under the hot water, warm up(I am cold most of the time unless I am working out, or moving around cleaning so my shower is also a form of heat), use a favorite body sugar scrub and rejuvenate is so beneficial.

2. Fixing My Hair and Makeup 

Fixing my hair makes me feel so much better! Makeup kind of depends on the day – sometimes I want it, and others I just don’t, like at all. I do go makeup-less most of the time, but there are some days when putting myself together with hair and makeup is a good thing!

3. Cleaning and Putting My Space Together

This one is HUGE for me! My space is so important and if it is not put together, I am not put together. It’s something that has always been, even when I was young! Putting my space together, even if it is just from the course of the day, creates breathing room and even something like a restart for me! 

Making my husband and I’s bed is a big one with this for me, which is a little complicated since he works nights and sleeps all day. Instead of making the bed in the morning (which I still do) it’s gotta be made once my husband gets up which varies in time depending on the day.

This is also more of a bigger deal because we have been room-mating for the last year and a half – plus some weeks now I think – so our room is literally all the space that we have! Because it is small and it holds all the belongings we NEED to have (we do have the majority of our home items stored right now), it has become even more important in my own self-care realm to keep our space clean and tidy and having a made bed is just one of those things.

4. Meditating and Yoga/Pilates

Meditating and doing some yoga or pilates is great for me. I can literally feel a lot of the stress from my day evaporate off my shoulders when I am in the right headspace to be able to receive it well. It also makes such a difference in how my body feels and even the connection between my body and brain! 

5. Spending Time with My Golden, Moro

Going walking with Mo is such a good thing for my self-care and health. I love it. I get to get some one-on-one time with my girlie and get a little training in as well. And, while all that goodness is going on, I am also getting some steps in and moving my body, which is so important. 

When I don’t get to do some type of movement through the day since I am currently working a full time office job, I am less inclined to feel good and be in a good mental space.

6. Spending Time with My Mustang, Blue Belle

Horse time for me is like laughter: good medicine for the soul. It is so good for me and is something that is time well spent.

7. Drinking Water

Drinking water is essential! Your body is made of 60% water you know. Drinking water helps me to regulate my Blood Glucose better and it also makes me feel better overall too. 

I added this to my self-care category when I realized the difference that it made when I got to the end of the day, and I didn’t feel good and I was definitely dehydrated.

8. Utilizing my Happy Planner to the Best of My Ability

Planning is a great self-care practice that I love. Using my Happy Planner keeps me organized and more stress free creating a self-care practice that creates health and happiness all in one! 

9. Following Routines and Committing to Habits

Sticking to a routine in most every aspect of life is so beneficial for me. From meals and managing diabetes well (I use intermittent fasting so I’m on a semi schedule and don’t eat – or try not to anyway – after a certain time in the evening) to sleep schedules, health schedules. Work schedules, Canine health, and Equine health – a lot of life comes down to tracking when the last thing happened and when you have to do it again, and keeping to a routine or habit helps in my self-care dramatically.

10. Spending One-on-One Time with My Husband

Spending time with my husband is essential for me and my own self-care. He is good for my health, mental and physical. He supports me, and encourages me and makes me feel good. All these things are good, and while I don’t depend on him, he gives me those things unconditionally. He is pretty great 🙂 

These are just a few of my own more specific self-care practices that I find invaluable. They make life a little better, more manageable, and give me the ability to be healthier with myself. 

I definitely don’t achieve everything all the time and I fail regularly on some aspects, but even just having some type of goal for how you might respond to certain happenings or how you can create a better scenario for next time can be a positive force in your life and health.

Sometimes, just putting one foot in front of the other and making the conscious decision to allow more time for a shower can be the start of it all – A journey to practicing self-care.

Food for Thought:

What do your self-care practices look like? 

Do you struggle with taking the time for yourself?

If you are willing to share, in what way?

Thanks for being here with me!


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