A Review: The Shark’s IQ Robot – Self-Empty


When my Husband and I bought our home, we decided to invest in several smart home items, one of which is Shark’s IQ Robot. All the smart home features make life simpler, as well as bringing comfort and security! 

We have had 2 years to experience and find the things that really improved our home. We also were able to figure out the things that we find valuable! One was an EcoBee Smart Home Thermostat. Another smart home feature was the Ring Doorbell. In order to connect everything together, we also invested in the Amazon Echo system.

We found that having a voice-activated system like the Amazon Echo to access our systems throughout our home was key. It was also invaluable to be able to control our smart home devices from afar through our phone apps! 

With the Ring, we are notified of any motion nearing our front door, as well as the side of the house. The security within that system is so nice to have. Being able to control our thermostat through Alexa is fantastic for chilly winter mornings.

Another item at the top of my list was a robot vacuum because of several things:

One: our downstairs is completely hardwood floors. 
Two: plain and simple – Moro, our Golden Retriever. 
Three: I really wanted to optimize my time. 

We started looking and shopping around the robot vacuum market. There were so many choices, from the IRobot Roomba s9+, the Shark IQ Robot, the Eufy – Boost IQ RoboVac, or the Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum.

There were just a few things that we know we wanted as well as needed. The first thing that we needed our robot to do was to have a self-empty feature. Another qualification that the robot had to be able to handle was long pet hair. We also would have been thrilled if it connected to an app, too.

Between the price point, what we needed, and what we wanted, we decided on the Shark IQ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum! Meet our Bruce! 

Pros of Shark’s IQ Robot Vacuum 

Here are the main pros that I have seen and felt over the past 60 days with Bruce.

Shark’s Non-Randomized Cleaning:

This robot cleans is straight lines! Instead of the random, bouncing technique many other robot vacuums employ, Shark’s mapping technology is fantastic and works in lines optimizing time and efficiency. Shark IQ cleans more and is more productive and precise than even I could be, most likely!

Shark’s Self-Empty System:

With a Golden Retriever in our family, there is no shortage of pet hair! With the cleaning cycle for our 800 square feet of hardwood space, Bruce empty’s once in the middle and then again once it is completely finished, into a bagless bin system. I love that Shark didn’t make it a bagged system, and the ease of being bagless means I don’t have to buy or make sure we have a stock of the bags! Saves me money, hassle, and time for sure! Without the self empty, I would definitely need to be emptying Bruce’s canister daily.  It’s a great plus to the vacuum and not needing to worry about it is fabulous.

Shark’s Self-Cleaning Brush-roll:

Again, with a Golden Retriever in the family, I was worried about the brush winding up on the brush-roller. However, the Shark IQ’s brush is a self-cleaning one and I have yet to have one problem with it! It’s nice to know that my hair and Mo’s hair isn’t going to cause major issues every other day!

Control Through the Shark App

I absolutely love that I can control Bruce from Shark’s App. I can be sent notifications or instructions if Bruce needs help or maintenance. The app shows Bruce’s current mapping as well as a history of cleaning sessions, and hours spent cleaning too!

Shark has Integrated with Amazon Alexa

While having an app, Bruce is also capable of being controlled with Alexa! With just a few commands through our Echo devices, Bruce can be off and I don’t even have to be in the same room! 

Scheduled Clean Cycles

Also on the app, I can set a schedule that Bruce will automatically follow! This allows me to forget even more about the cleaning needs that Bruce helps with! I also love that along with the scheduling, I can start Bruce early or sent him back to his dock if the scheduled time is inconvenient that day.

The Shark does My Job WITHOUT a lot of Effort on My Part

Mostly, I love that Bruce easily and efficiently take a chore off my plate! Bruce cleans every day so that our space is clean and kept up on, REALLY WELL. It’s truly fantastic and if you are thinking about investing in a Robot Vacuum, I would highly recommend it!

Cons of Shark’s IQ Robot Vacuum 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are thinking of investing in a robot vacuum.

Weekly Maintenance is Needed for the Shark IQ:

Shark’s advertising for the IQ Robot Vacuum says that it doesn’t need maintenance but once a month. From my perspective, sure, it would probably do just fine without maintenance over the course of the month, especially if you don’t have pets. 

I maintain and clean it all out and up weekly. I empty the bagless bin system, Bruce’s canister, and tap all the filters out to make sure that nothing is jammed, clogged, or in need of repair/replacement.

Pre-Clean Planning

I also have found that I have to make sure things are picked up and off the floor space if Bruce is going to efficiently clean the place without getting stuck. Dog toys, the towel by the back door for Mo’s feet, and any shoe space I want cleaned all most be tidied and pick up so that Bruce can get there. This isn’t a big deal for me as I like to do this nightly anyway. I just do it before Bruce begins his cycle. 

Desk Chair Troubles

My Husbands desk chair is Bruce’s kryptonite this is where I will find him stalled out the majority of the time if he does get into trouble. 

An Inner Gear Hair Clog

I did have to take apart the underside of Bruce once in the 60 days that we have had him. I was cleaning out the underside of the couch – as Bruce is too thick to fit underneath – and had pulled a wad of hair out and Bruce got it before I could get it picked up. The result was the was of Golden hair wrapped around the inner brush mechanism. I just unscrewed his underside and cut the hair off and put Bruce back together and off he went, cleaning away!

The Take-Away 

I love having my Shark IQ Robot Vacuum with Self-Empty. It’s fantastic. It does the job that we wanted it to do and it does it well! The only thing that I was disappointed in was they advertised the self empty as sustainable for 30 days, and at least in our home, I would be comfortable going maybe 2 weeks. 

Other than that, I would say it is everything that it says it should be and I would highly recommend the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum with the Self-Empty feature. 

What is your favorite Smart Home Tech? 🙂

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