Decluttering and Organizing 5 Areas of Life


Decluttering and organizing spaces that are yours can bring a more restful and peaceful environment to your home

Have you ever felt like the things that you have accumulated are taking over your physical and even mental space? Know that you are not alone! 

Through the first couple years of being married, my Husband and I lived as roommates so we had very limited space for, really, any of our things. I remember only having the space of our bedroom and how small it felt with our entire lives and needs “shoved” in there. There were times that I felt very overwhelmed from the setup, but we had goals and by gosh, we were gonna reach them. 

When I would begin feeling overwhelmed, I would pick one aspect of our space and work to organize and declutter junk that had accumulated. Because the rooms that we kept were normally quite small, I would sometimes get on a roll and do the entire room, although, most of the time, organizing and decluttering one thing would do the trick and let me breathe again. 


When it comes to decluttering, the act itself can be very overwhelming. Especially when initially starting, it can be important to start small and pick just one small thing to do. This may be one part of a bookshelf, one cupboard, or one area of your room. Starting slow lets you build momentum and feel good about the progress you’ve made.


Creating a strategy for the organization in the areas you have decluttered is important! Doing this will allow you to know exactly where things should go and the things that you need and value. Sometimes you may need to think about things that would make keeping the area organized easier, like bins, racks, or bags. It is whatever fits your life best!

Here are some major areas of life that decluttering and organizing can make the world of a difference in.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Phone

Honestly, the only reason I have a phone is to keep in contact with my loved ones. Everything else I could easily live without. Keeping my phone simple, organized and concise almost directly transfers to my brain. If it’s overwhelming, it just doesn’t flow in my life! Here are some tips:

Home Screen

Keeping the home screen of your phone decluttered can create a dramatic change in attitude and even pace. Placing only the apps that you use routinely on your home screen is a great place to start. You can always reach all the other apps on the menu pages. 


If you decide to stop using an app, uninstall it! Simple as that! Keep your menus clean and simple. There’s no reason you can’t re-download an app if you decide you want it back, but there’s no sense in keeping them if you aren’t using them. 

Background Pictures

Having a calm picture or even textured background can help keep it simple too. A calming photo could be of your loved ones, a pet, or a scenic photo.


Turning off your notifications from e-mail or text messages and even social media on your “off-hours” can let your mind release the tension of always waiting for another notification.

Decluttering and Organizing the Bedroom

Having a clean, organized, decluttered room that I sleep in is everything. It relaxes me and really lets me breathe. Here are some areas I strive to keep organized and decluttered. 


Keeping your laundry organized can make life so much easier. Knowing what you love to wear and are comfortable in is valuable only when you know what you actually have! If you don’t know what you have as well as where it is at there aren’t a lot of options. Keeping only the things that you love, and use/have a purpose for can be some of the criteria for decluttering as you go. 


The counters in your bathroom might have a tendency to pile up if you are anything like me. Getting organizers that help you to keep things together and where they go can be a great option. You can find these things for cupboards, drawers, counter-tops, and even walls. Throwing away expired make-ups, facial creams/lotions, and anything else you may have can help in your quest to declutter. 

Bedside Tables 

Keeping only the essentials on the tables beside your bed can help with better and more peaceful sleep. Choosing a table that doesn’t have a drawer for hidden clutter can sometimes help keep it under control. Maybe choose something with open shelving instead.

Decluttering and Organizing the Living room

Having a clean and organized living space that is not cluttered brings me such joy! Putting blankets away, only keeping a month or 2 worth of magazine edition on the coffee tables, and making sure that I pick up every day all help in my quest to feel good in my space!


It may not seem like much, but keeping your couch clean and inviting can make the entire living area! Keeping blankets and pillows folded and fluffed and even put away in a storage chest or ottoman so they are there if you need them is a great way to keep the living area and couch clutter-free.

Coffee/Side tables

Designating just a few items like a lamp, coasters, magazines, or remotes, can help open up this space and make it exactly what is needed. Giving things and/or items a place on purpose is powerful!

Decluttering and Organizing the Kitchen

Being overwhelmed in my kitchen annoys me to no end. I like cooking and baking, but not in a messy cluttered environment. Here are some area’s I continually declutter and organize:


If you have the cupboard or storage space, clearing off your counters can be a great place to begin decluttering your cooking space! Evaluate whether you use the appliances and items. If you don’t, do you need to keep it? Organizing the kitchen supplies in such a way that makes them easy to operate is essential. 


Removing everything from the pantry or food storage space is the first step. Setting parameters for what you are willing to keep, go through it all. If there are expired goods, throw them away, if there is non-expired food that you know you or your family won’t eat, donate it to a food pantry to help those in need. Once you know what you are keeping organize and put it all back away.

Dinnerware Cupboards

Dinnerware is essential, but too much of it can be overwhelming and underproductive. Making sure that you have what you need, without going overboard can be hard sometimes! If it fits in the space that you have and is easily accessible for use then you are set! If there are things that you either don’t want, are broken, or are starting to deteriorate, repurposing, giving away, donating, or trashing could all be good options.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Vehicle

I have never wanted to keep a bunch of stuff in my car. There are some items tho that I deem as essential in case of emergencies such as a blanket, jumper cables, water, and a flare. I also carry some extra’s for my Golden Retriever in case we are out and about and something breaks or we stumble upon a lost dog. 


Making sure to keep your floorboard clean and clear is important for both safety and ease of use. Garbage left in a car can attract unwanted critters, smells, and grime. Belongings left or stored in a vehicle can become damaged or stolen. If it is kept up, it is easy to maintain. Acts like taking any garbage acquired on that trip and things that don’t belong there after each trip make keeping an organized and clean car easy.


Having clutter on the seats of a car doesn’t seem to help anyone or improve anything! Keeping them clear lets you use them for things on that specific trip, say groceries, a bag full of books, etc. 


Even though this area of your car may be farther removed than most, it’s important to know what you have and why you have it there. Cluttered trunks may not affect you as much, but I know that in my life, I like to have the space available to get the tasks at had completed!

Glovebox/Center Console

These small spaces serve as great spaces to keep important vehicle documents(that are meant to stay in the vehicle), sunglasses, and car tools for spur of the moments checks and – personally – napkins for the random messes. I found that if I had other things there that didn’t serve the purpose of car or driving needs, they weren’t fully utilized. Decluttering those gave me the space I needed for the things I needed! 

All of these spaces are important in life and they all affect how I can emotionally live mine! Decluttering and organizing go hand in hand. I declutter before I organize because then I know that I am only organizing what is needed and good. I also know that the things I am putting time into bring me joy or have a purpose – both of which are important to me. 

Do you need to declutter a space of yours? 

Do you feel like you have the tools to do it?!

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