Amazing Things to do to Brighten Your Space

brighten up your space

I don’t know about you, but having a space that I feel good in and about is essential in many of the different aspects of my life. This can change too, as you live in the space, and as life circumstances transition and change.

Sometimes, trying to figure out subtle and simple changes to make in your home can be a daunting task. Especially when you live in the space and are very close to the “issue” it can be evasive!

Brightening Your Space

One of the first things that I do to make pinpointing what needs to be changed easier, is figuring out what makes a negative impact on you when you do spend time in the room. This could be lighting, furniture arrangement, paint color, or even decor pieces and clutter.

After you know what you would like to change, the task of finding what would make it better for you comes! Finding your Home Aesthetic can really help! Here are a few examples of easy things that can improve the feel of your own home when you need a change.

Fresh Paint

Throwing up a new, fresh color on the walls is a great way to refresh spaces! Painting can change the whole vibe of the space in need of a new life. You can go light and airy all around, create a bright accent wall, or even go with a darker shade with the right lighting. Each option that you could select will bring new life to the space which is the goal!


Creating the right ambience with lighting can change a huge part of the spaces flow. Some rooms can have great natural lighting, but there are times when that may be too harsh – maybe it needs a little more calming source. You can do many things to change up the lighting throughout the space to make it better for you!

You can add more lamps to give specific lighting, or you could change the type of light created by the built in lighting with different types of lightbulbs. Also, creating subtle natural light with sheer drapes could be a good option for your home, or even eliminate it with blackout curtains, and you have so many more options!


Changing up or adding different decor items to the area can create drastic change. Items displayed on a coffee table, or even throughout the room can influence how it feels and even can create purpose within the space.

Making sure that those items are pieces that you love, and/or have a purpose can help you decide whether the items should stay or maybe need to be moved to a different place, replaced, or even thrown out. Your space should make you feel good and make you happy – the things within your space need to meet those criteria as well!

Clearing Clutter

The clutter that may accumulate in your space can have such an influence on the feelings created there. Just picking up and clearing the space of clutter, and odds and ends that don’t belong can help immensely in brightening your home!

Rearranging Your Space

If easier and less permanent change would fit your life and space better, rearranging your furniture can be the perfect take! Rearranging the furniture and major pieces in the space can refresh and renew your space without doing permanent change which may be optimal for those renting or on a budget to achieve other dreams!

Refreshing and brightening your home is something that needs to be done from time to time. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what is needed and other times it may take some work, but either way the outcome will be amazing.

Whether you choose to put fresh paint on the walls, rearrange the furniture, or even just clear the clutter, the impact that it could have on the feeling the space gives will be so valuable!

Food for Thought:

  • Do you have a space that needs to be brightened up?
  • What can you see needing to happen to make it a better space for you?
  • Have you recently brightened and refreshed one of your spaces through COVID-19?
Comment below and share with me!

~ Stephanie

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