Treats For Your Dog: 5 Healthy Recipes


When you have a dog, treats are a universal part of life – at least they are in my household! I am always looking for a treat that I can make with household ingredients and foods for our Golden Retriever, Moro.

So! Here are 5 Healthy Treats that you can make for your dog! Not only am I confident in what I am feeding her, but its also great enrichment for her! It’s fun to experiment with her pallete and see what she likes singularly, and what she may like with a little embelishment.

Buying dog treats for Moro at any store is a hard task at times. There are so many things that can be harmful to dogs or maybe just not the best for them. This counts for everything we give our furry four-legged family as treats. Whether it is a product that is made specifically for canines, or if its a “human food treat” as my family calls it.

Always, always always research anything that you are even thinking about giving your dog to eat. This goes for their kibble, to store-bought treats and to human foods. The following home-made treats are recipes that I would feel comfortable feeding my dog, but would you?

Frozen Pumpkin and Honey Treats

Pumpkin has many different health benefits for your dog. From being nutrient-rich, and benefitting the eyes and the immune system, pumpkin also encourages digestive regularity.

Honey is also known to reduce inflammation along with even some allergies. This is a cold treat with many great health benefits!


Peanut Butter Baked Treats

One of Moro’s favorite things is peanut butter! If I take the jar out of the cupboard she is right at my side almost instantly.

This is a great treat for special occasions, and possibly even as a training treat since you can size them yourself easily!

Iced Dog Treats

This treat is great for the summer heat, and especially if your dog likes ice cubes! In this recipe, you can substitute any part, the pieces of food, or even liquid to cater to your wants or even needs for your dog.

Oat and Apple Pretzel Bake

Here is a recipe for you if you prefer to not feed your dog peanut butter! This one is fun to make and has a great presentation if you want to gift them. You can bake to your desired crunch, and even shape in different ways and sizes to fit your vision.

Spiced Pumpkin and Peanut Butter Bake

A fall-themed treat for your doggo! Baking through the fall is one of my favorite pass times, especially once the day start to get shorten (I am so glad the light is coming back now!).

A Couple Things To Note:

If you choose to feed your dog any peanut butters there CANNOT be Xylitol – which is extremely poisonous to canines. These along with some other sugar substitutes are very toxic to our furry four-legged friends.

Also, if you use any spices, I know that at least Nutmeg can be toxic, so do your research and talk with your vet if you are unsure.

Having dog treats available for training purposes or just the random spoiled- pup loves is important to me. Making sure that they are good for Moro health-wise and excitement wise is also important to me.

If I am going to feed Mo something, I want it to benefit her in the moment and also the long run! While store-bought treats can be great and much more convienent at times, I have a hard time trusting what they are actually made of. Are those ingredients are good for her? When I am confident in a treat, it will normally cost more than I am willing to pay, too.

That is why I love making her home-made treats. I love baking, so spending time in the kitchen isn’t a problem for me. I love knowing what I am giving her and that she loves them too!

Do you enjoy giving your dog home-made treats? 🙂

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